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Parents – please stop punishing your children when they show emotions uncomfortable for you.
Get the support needed to negotiate how these emotions affect you.
Kids need all their emotions, even the not “nice” ones – especially those because, anger and even rage are the emotions that give the burst of energy needed to defend or remove oneself from danger….
Kids need to push against family boundaries in order to learn who they are and what they believe.
Sure, it makes life easier if and when kids are quiet and “good”. But children are here to retain their authentic selves and to fulfill their lives purpose.
Raising a might being isn’t easy.
I am I hope that this is what we want for our children, they are be mighty beings.

Mighty begins have the inner room to allow other people to be who they are, and to negotiate with others when emotions are high – this one skill is capable of bringing peace to the life of your child as well as the world…. Be blessed.

Samsrah Morgan Cht


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