Healing Services

Healing Services

Deeper, More Meaningful Experiences Through Healing

NIA provides holistic Healing Services through Counseling, Coaching & Hypnotherapy for individuals, couples and families.

For Individuals:
For adults the focus in on deep inner healing and transformation. Taking a look at one’s journey of childhood and releasing what may no longer be of service. Who am I? What is my path? Who should walk with me? How do I create community ? What is my right relationship with power, food, sex, money, Spirit?Using an integration of counseling, coaching and hypnotherapy each client is supported as they re-birth themselves, and define themselves and their life goals.

For Couples:
Many join in love and find themselves frustrated by patterns that interfere with the union they seek. Nia will walk with your relationship every step of the way as you work towards what is best , as defined by you , for your relationship.

Nia’s integrated approach shares the tools needed for each partner to hear his or her own voice and to share that voice with their loved one – to be heard and to have his/her needs met.

Another important process is to acquire the ability to forgive and accept one’s self and one’s partner -in order to deepen love and increase fulfillment.

When needed, we also support you to navigate ending a relationship with compassion and respect.

For Families:
Family, the most important unit of our society, is often the most undernourished. Our services provide practical as well as spiritual support to those who are doing the often unappreciated but challenging work of parenting children while living a full life.

How does a busy parent meet the needs of the dynamic and ever challenging human child? How does the parent not lose touch with his or her self while growing to meet their child(ren) at each developmental milestone?

How do parents cope with the challenges of co-parenting and other adjustments necessary after a separation or divorce? Here the individualized and integrated support we provide will be the keys to helping your family find new balance and peace.